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The sequel to Calling On Fire is finally here!

Fire Within is now available!

FireTwo brothers with magical abilities must defeat the evil mage who seeks to annihilate them and everyone they’ve ever known.

For now, the novel is only available in ebook form, but I’m working hard to get it printed as well!

You can buy the ebook here:
Amazon.com | Amazon.ca | Smashwords
Multiple formats are available through Smashwords. Other retailers will become available as Smashwords distributes them.

Novel description:

Toman and Esset, the Animator and the Summoner, sacrificed everything in their battle against the evil mage Moloch, and they still failed.

Even so, they’re not willing to give up. Not that they have a choice: Moloch has fixated on inflicting suffering on those they love.

Tseka, a Nadran warrior, has thrown in her lot with theirs. Her race of snake-like people are once again at risk from the evil mage’s cruelty. She’s just not sure she has the strength to be more help than burden. Can Tseka keep up with the brothers, or will she end up a casualty of war?

Erizen, the mercurial mage, has joined their team as well. His knowledge and power are invaluable to Toman and Esset. The only problem: they can’t be sure they can trust him. Will Erizen fight at their side, or will he betray them before the end?

Toman and Esset have new allies and new abilities, but also new scars. Toman’s very soul is crippled. Esset’s new-found power is unpredictable at best and deadly at worst. And Moloch’s power has only grown in turn.

How can they hope to win when the most powerful mage in existence can now call upon the powers of death itself?