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I know this is a little strange for non-Canadians, but Happy Thanksgiving! (No, I’m not mixing the holidays up.)

Not what I meant when I told you to carve the turkey thanksgiving joke

I am so thankful for all the amazing things in my life. I finally got to trade vows with my husband last summer, we’re departing for our Japan trip shortly, and we really don’t have anything to complain about. I’ve pre-scheduled some posts while I’m gone, but I doubt I’ll be able to answer any comments until I get back. I wish everyone the best, and I hope you take a moment to meditate on the things you’re thankful for too. A mindset of gratefulness can do amazing things for a person’s well-being!

For my fellow Canadians, I hope you enjoy your turkey/ham/special dinner and time spent with family. If you don’t have those things for one reason or another, I hope you find a way to celebrate anyways.

The meal isn't over when I'm full, it's over when I hate myself - Louis CK