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Bored Panda had some amazing bumper stickers the other day. I’ve picked my favorites and divided them into categories for you:

For the passive-aggressive types:
Sorry for driving so close in front of you

Stupidity isnt' a handicap, park somewhere else

Watch out for the idiot behind me

Stickers for people tired of seeing “Baby on Board” signs:
Durex: no babies on board.

Adults want to live too

Fair warning stickers:
So gay I can't drive straight

70 leave me alone

Asian Driver: good luck everyone

“Deep” bumper stickers:
Just because no one understands you doesn't make you an artist

Don't believe everything you think

Smart alec bumper stickers:
This isn't the best car ever, it's just a tribute

I've got a perfect body, but it's in the trunk and it's starting to smell

Carbon offset